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See what our members love about JAI and what the community of Jackson says about us!

Rayana Bhojanapalli

My favorite memories in the Indian community have to be when we put on a Diwali celebration. I've danced in them for as long as I can remember and they’re always a blast. another thing we do is Holi, which is so much fun. JAI has given me more memories and laughs than I can count.

Mrs. Priyanka Labh

It felt so good to be able to celebrate Diwali and meet everyone, given the testing time we are in due to this pandemic. It was very well organised, had so much fun. JAI is our family away from home.

Vinita Kumari

The JAI community is so welcoming and its like one big family. When we moved here a little over a year ago the community welcomed us as if we were family and I’ll never forget that. I have so much to thank all of them for and I’m super grateful that I found them

Dr. Natasha Gupta

I am extremely blessed to have found this family of JAI. This is truly a community of caring, nurturing, friendly and down to earth people who take pride in lifting each other up. We have created so many memories with this family in the last few years; celebration of Diwali, birthdays, pool parties, spiritual gatherings, graduation ceremonies to name a few. I feel protected and loved by the JAI. Each and every member is a source of inspiration for me. 

Rishika Bhojanapalli

My favorite memory with JAI would have to be Diwali. Diwali has always been a fun time where we get to put on fun skits, express our culture, and share laughter with the Indian Community.

Mrs. Lachmi Sorker

One of my favorite events would be the Jackson International Festival because it's a huge festival where we can represent India and show the Jackson community our culture.

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